D.A. Carson Video Available for Free

A while back I posted the audio D.A. Carson’s “The God Who Is There” series. Now, the Gospel Coalition has put up the video for each session for free. This is an amazing resource on so many levels. Below is the list of vids and also the video of the first session to sample. Enjoy!!

Visit http://thegospelcoalition.org/thegodwhoisthere for more info.

1. The God Who Made Everything View Media
2. The God Who Does Not Wipe Out Rebels View Media
3. The God Who Writes His Own Agreements View Media
4. The God Who Legislates View Media
5. The God Who Reigns View Media
6. The God Who Is Unfathomably Wise View Media
7. The God Who Becomes a Human Being View Media
8. The God Who Grants New Birth View Media
9. The God Who Loves View Media
10. The God Who Dies—and Lives Again View Media
11. The God Who Declares the Guilty Just View Media
12. The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People View Media
13. The God Who Is Very Angry View Media
14. The God Who Triumphs View Media

The God Who Is There – Part 1. The God Who Made Everything from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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