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It’s been quite a while since I updated this site.  I have been quite busy with my commitments to my church’s site (, so I have been side-tracked from consistent personal blogging of any kind.  But since I have been actively teaching and preparing materials for teaching, the wheels have been turning quite a bit for theological engagement.  Particularly, I’ve been putting my thoughts together on biblical theology and the whole story of Scripture.  I’ve been interested in the connection of Adam and Israel with Jesus as the New Adam and New Israel.  Thus, I’m interested in the nature and purpose of covenant, the use of the Old Testament in the New, and ultimately a biblical theology of God.  I’ll get into more detail in the coming months.

Most recently, I’ve been reading and interacting with the writings of one of my professors, Scott Hafemann.  I’m working through his monograph, Paul, Moses, and the History of Israel, his article “The Covenant Relationship”, his whole-bible theology work The God of Promise and the Life of Faith, all the while listening to his class lectures “Faith, Hope, & Love: A Biblical Theology” and “Exegesis of Mark”.  The reason that I am taking an interest in Scott’s work in such a concentrated manner is probably threefold.  First, I share with him many common interests in biblical studies.  Scott was a student of John Piper and Dan Fuller and so is a Christian Hedonist, a big believer in the God-centeredness of God, a Calvinist, and a promoter of discourse analysis of biblical texts.  Scott has been and is now again a professor at Gordon-Conwell as a colleague to Meredith Kline, Gordon Hugengerger, Greg Beale and shares their love for redemptive-historical biblical theology, the use of the Old Testament in the New, and the study of covenant as a major biblical dynamic.  Second, I’ve sort of chosen Scott as a model scholar and pastor of pastors as I’m in ministry now and contemplate possible PhD studies in the near future.  He is an extremely clear commuicator, who is precise, exegetical, passionate, and has an immense care for the Church.  Lastly, as I read and listen I find myself on a challenging roller-coaster with so many ups and downs as I simultaneously agree and disagree with so much of what he says.  He is so penetrating and insightful that I need to take the time to pull apart how and why I agree on some points and disagree with others.  That no easy task.  But I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these matters soon.

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  1. Drew Says:

    Hi there. I’m curious where the “exegesis of Mark” course can be found? Is this available for purchase anywhere?

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